Top 5 Tips For Choosing The Right Cleaning Service

Top 5 Tips For Choosing The Right Cleaning Service

5 Top Tips for hiring a cleaning professional

Whether you’re in need of a helping hand at home, a one-off blitz, or a commercial cleaner to keep your business looking presentable, taking on a cleaning service can be one of the best decisions you’ll make.

Apart from the fact that for most people cleaning makes the list of their least favourite jobs, there’s almost certainly something important you could be doing with that valuable time, from making money to making memories.

But handing that responsibility to someone else can be a daunting prospect. After all, you’re inviting them into your home or business and expecting them to treat it with the same care and pride that you would. You need someone that can be trusted around your belongings and do a pristine job. So how do you choose the right people?

Separating out the best cleaning company to suit your needs can be confusing, so we’ve come up with a few questions to consider during the screening process to help you get the service that you expect.

Do they have good reviews?

A business is as good as its reputation, and fortunately there are now multiple ways you can check this. Looking into customer reviews before you start contacting companies can be a great way to quickly eliminate the ones that are more likely to provide a substandard service, as well as highlighting the ones that have made a good impression.

The most reliable way to source a good testimony is still good old fashioned word of mouth, so try asking around friends, family members and colleagues, either in person or via social media. Find out if they use or have ever used a cleaning service that they would recommend (or steer clear of!), but remember that everyone has their own idea of how they want their property cleaned! 

You may want to ask a series of questions keeping in mind the things that are important to you, such as the type of work they required and for how long, how the staff are around children/pets/office equipment, and whether they have ever had any issues with payment or scheduling.

An even quicker way to find reviews is to look online. Google itself now includes customer review information in its results page, so a quick search like ‘Cleaners in (your area)’ can bring up a list of relevant services with their star ratings and reviews all in one place. 

Bringing up a specific company’s social media pages such as facebook or twitter can also be very useful to see what customers are saying. Generally a good company will have four or five stars, and the higher the number of reviews to support this the better. However there is a caveat to reading online reviews – bare in mind that people will often only leave a review if they have had either a negative or outstandingly positive experience, or if they have been given an incentive to do so, therefore they don’t always give a completely realistic overview. 

Unfortunately it’s also not unheard of for businesses to set up fake reviews to boost their score. Watch out for companies with a lot of reviews that are only five-stars with little detail (although it’s still not impossible that they could be genuine!) If you’re concerned or want more information, consider contacting customers directly for a more detailed account. Good businesses should be willing to connect you with clients with whom they have good working relationships.

Are they experienced?

Cleaning staff don’t require a formal qualification but they should be properly trained in how to use equipment and the proper etiquette of working in people’s properties. Opt for a company that shows accountability for their work with a system in place for carrying out checks on their jobs, and ask if they provide you with some sort of report after each clean.

Also, although it is not always indicative of a good service, finding out how long the company has been operating for can be useful in gauging their level of experience. Not only do established businesses usually come with a solid reputation and client-base, they also are more likely to be well-run and treat their staff properly.

Therefore hiring a cleaning company that is experienced in the industry over a brand new business gives you a little more confidence that the job will be done to a high standard. This may well mean paying a little extra for a good service, rather than going for a heavily discounted one that might not be up to standard.

A monthly cleaned kitchen
Choose a company that can demonstrate experience.

Are they safe and insured?

It’s vital that all staff are properly trained in using cleaning equipment and chemicals, and in health and safety policies such as manual handling. This is particularly crucial when employing cleaners in the workplace to avoid negative impact to your staff, such as injury or illness.Furthermore, anyone advertising themselves as a cleaner must have the appropriate insurance to operate in your home or business. Accidents (or even malpractice) can happen, and without this vital protection, it could be extremely costly to yourself or your family/staff  if anything were to go wrong. Anyone employing workers to provide a service should have an up-to-date and verifiable liability insurance certificate, which ensures they are covered for any damages or injuries (including to their own staff).You’re also perfectly entitled to ask whether staff are fully DBS checked, to ensure the people visiting your property are likely to be trustworthy and reliable. This is essential if employing cleaners around children or vulnerable adults, and any good company should have no problem providing this in such cases. 

Make sure the cleaner has insurance before proceeding

Do they understand your needs?

So perhaps you’ve found a reputable and skilled cleaner that you want to try out, but how do you know if they’re the right fit for you?  Well, it depends what you need. 

Are you after a cleaner for your home or for your workplace? Will it be a regular spruce or do you need a one-off, deep clean? 

Will they be handling office equipment or even special items such as antique furnishings, which need to treated with the right chemicals? 

These are all quite different jobs requiring different skills, so it’s helpful to ask if a company is experienced in this particular type of clean and check out any pictures they have. This will also help to determine their standards to see if your idea of ‘clean’ matches theirs!

Can they work to your schedule?

Think about how often you require a clean and when this would be most convenient for you, then make sure this is feasible for the company. You should be able to dictate the times and dates (to an agreed schedule) that suit you, so pick a service that is flexible to your needs and values time management. You should also find out if there are any times or dates that they do not operate in case your schedule needs to change, and if you think you might need it, what their policy is on emergency call-outs.


Finding a cleaner doesn’t have to take up huge amounts of time, but spending a bit of time doing a few simple checks can make a BIG difference when it comes to the service you receive. 

Follow these tips and we’re convinced you’ll find the service you’re looking for at an affordable rate.

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